Fishing in the Mt Washington Valley – A Tale of a Trout

Friday, July 5th, 2013 By Emily

sacoriverIf people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles.  ~Doug Larson

I took the time to make the beautiful ride from North Conway up through Pinkham Notch and  through 13 Mile Woods last week. Passing Wildcat Mountain and Mount Washington along the way, this scenic byway meanders along the Androscoggin River and provides not only wonderful landscapes, but continued opportunities to stop along the river to fish.

While saltwater fishing is my true passion, the chance to wet a line and get waist deep in moving water always recharges my soul and brings back fond memories of trout fishing with my grandfather.

Packing a small bamboo Orvis 4 weight rod and a Pflueger Medalist reel, I checked the water and noticed a small cadis emerge on the riffle line below a small eddy. It quickly disappeared with a quick splash from a trout.

Some years back I was fortunate to have had several boxes of flies and various fly fishing paraphernalia gifted to me by an old friend of the family, Otis Barber. His well worn hand crafted tackle box filled with years of accumulated goodness were handed down through his son, Norman. Norman knew me as a fisherman and wanted this tackle to go to a good home. It did. I had a great replica of the hatch in my hand, and remembered it probably is a good idea to have glasses with me these days when trying to tie a 4 weight tippet on to a size 22 dry fly.

After finally threading the needle, I presented the fly upstream and away, and let the drift do all the work. It only took four casts before the first of several trout came to net for the day.

Whether you choose the Ellis, The Swift, The Rocky Branch or the mighty Saco River, or Conway Lake, Silver Lake or Mountain Pond, the fishing waters of the Mt Washington Valley provide every aspect of the joys that fishing allow. Morning solitude, exercise and the company of a fishing friend, or not. The fishing is always excellent in New Hampshire, and sometimes you even catch a fish.

If you want to find the ultimate fishing getaway, contact me and we’ll find it!

-David Emmet

Lakeside Living

Saturday, August 11th, 2012 By holly

I’ve always dreamed of living on the water. There is something about the smell of the air in the morning and the sound of water that is so soothing. Where you enjoy private access to the lake, swimming, sunset views, walking trails, & the soothing sounds & sites of nature. The opportunity for watching birds, butterflies and small mammals is full of joy. You need only to stand on your dock and just watch the fish swimming around; it is far better than watching fish in an aquarium. The view changes with the seasons and there are surprises, like wildlife sightings that keep life interesting and full of wonder.

They say anything is possible once you put your mind to it, “be careful how you throw things out to the universe” If your dream is to live on a lake or body of water you need only to give JtRealty Lakefront to Mountainside a call. We have the ability to make that dream come true. We currently have amazing lakeside properties listed with our agency, in fact we have the reputation as the number one seller in lakefront properties in the Valley! Be sure and check out our new listings on Conway Lake!

JtRealty brings two families home to the Lakefront this summer!

Saturday, July 21st, 2012 By holly

JtRealty Lakefront to Mountainside is proud to say we have sold two premium lakeside properties this summer! It is no surprise given Joy Tarbell’s reputation as the number one sales representative in Lakeside sales and development. Joy is an expert when it comes to Lakeside Living and lifestyle in the Mount Washington Valley. Her dedication and commitment to the buyer, seller and lake is a factor in her success as well as her knowledge of the lakes and properties when looking to purchase your perfect Lakeside home. Joy Tarbell knows first hand that the lakeside can be your dream home site and a wise investment in your future.

Conway, Silver and Ossipee Lakes offer an impressive lifestyle, located only minutes from The North Conway and Saco River Valley, where summer and winter activities abound. Lakeside living offers fun and tranquility, you need not even leave home for entertainment and activity! Tucked away from the hustle and bustle yet within reach of plenty of choices for fun and entertainment.

Perhaps a lakeside summer home suits your needs better. In fact did you know that most second homes are within 1.5 hours of their primary residence? This makes the NH Lakes Region ideal for vacation getaways that allow you to enjoy all four seasons. From premier real estate, to a rustic cottage JtRealty can help you find and purchase your ideal lakeside property in the Mount Washington Valley and surrounding area.

This weekend be sure and check out the Lakeside Living Expo at Gunstock Mountain in Gilford NH. Hundreds of vendors will be on site featuring boating equipment experts, building suppliers, rustic adirondack furniture, local artists, indoor and outdoor water sport suppliers, and more all sharing their expertise, craftsmanship and products.

If you are in the market for the perfect lakefront home let JtRealty Lakefront to Mountainside represent you. We have the proven sales record as the #1 realtor in Lakefront sales in the Mount Washington Valley and surrounding areas.
Holly Reville

How JtRealty Lost A Combined 65 lbs: You Can Too!

Monday, May 14th, 2012 By rmahan

Leave the city behind, get to the mountains and get healthy. Click here for full story of how five agents lost a total of 65 lbs (of the stuff below) from their waist lines. Get outside and be vital today!

  Contributing author — Ryan the Realtor: svelte, lean and mean, all around good guy.

Eight Great Real Estate Moves for 2012

Saturday, December 31st, 2011 By Joy Tarbell

Happy New Year! With 2012 right around the corner (just a few hours away)! I thought it time to think about some of the best ways to engage with the real estate market this coming year.  I came up with 8 great ideas to inspire you to action!

Buy your first home

If you are ready to buy your first home now is the time.  I would even go so far as to say that if you are ready stop reading this article right now and start searching or contact us.  Great prices and record low interest rates combine to make this the very best time to get started on home ownership.  The Buyers section of our website has some great resources.  And searching on is simple and easy.  Don’t forget to register so you can save your searches and receive the notifications you choose with no obligation.

Become a real estate agent

For the go-getter, there is always money to be made in real estate!  Start now building your contacts and be in position to capitalize on any market changes. For more information on how to start your real estate career head over to the Careers section of

Take advantage of a 1031 Tax-deferred exchange

If you have been maintaining your rental property for some time now you may be losing margin.  Put the tax advantages of a 1031 exchange to work for you to acquire a more valuable rental property. Interested?  Check out these NH multifamily units for sale right now.  If you want to learn more about the advantages of a 1031 exchange you can connect with one of our preferred 1031 exchange vendors.

Buy your first investment property

So the 1031 exchange doesn’t apply to you because you don’t own a rental property? Make 2012 the year to change that.  With great prices and a selection of available income properties you can get started letting someone else pay for your investment!

Buy that lakefront property you have always dreamed of

Living in a lakefront home is a goal for many.  Start early and you could be enjoying the lake by summer, just dive in!  Or if you prefer rivers you might try a riverfront property.  With much to choose from you are sure to satisfy that dream.

Buy a ski condo

We just added four Attitash Mountain condos to our best buy page!  There are so many good deals on ski condos right now you have an amazing selection.  Make this the year you can simply ski home at the end of the day! On top of the great real estate available at the local ski areas Trip Advisor just ranked the North Conway as the most affordable ski destination in the Northeast and second in the US overall! Search for Attitash Condos or Mount Cranmore condos right here.

Trade up

With so many properties on the market right now, many people feel it is the wrong time to sell their home.  This may not be true at all.  While many properties are available, the right property at the right price will always move quickly.  If you have been in your home for a few years you may be able to take advantage of all that is available on the market right now.  At the very least it can’t hurt to look! Start your search today.


This is the approach I often take.  Renovations add not only financial value to your home, they also add enjoyment value.  No matter how long you have been in your home, there is always something on the wish list.  In my house right now the wish is new countertops.  Whatever your wish, if you put a plan together now, you can start sooner.  Winter is a great time for many renovations as contractors can be less busy, giving you more attention and possibly a better price.  If you are the handy sort then break out the tools while the weather is cold. You can check our preferred contractors for a start on your project or look into other JtRealty preferred vendors under the About Us section above.

Return to NH Rivers and Lakes — 49 Little Shore Drive

Saturday, December 17th, 2011 By rmahan

Why NH Waterfront Property?

Ryan the Realtor readily admits I could not adapt myself to city life: the incessant motion, the artificial lights and sounds, yet mostly the lack of  space and true quiet would turn me tighter than your industrial screw soon to explode and sprint madly through the streets pulling my hair and screaming savagely. Perhaps this a touch of dramatic but mostly true. I consider myself closer to the cave than my other primate cousins.

Did you float down a mild-winter-river this December? Did you step into your wooded lawn, lay down and peer at familiar constellations and still wonder like a curious kid? Did you start a cooking fire from last year’s brush and prepare a meal in tin-foil because you didn’t feel like going indoors for supper and no one on the bloody planet could stop you? I did.

Moments like these are simply soul maintenance — a moment when a man (or woman) can relax and breathe without considering the day’s tedious responsibilities or tomorrow’s tasks growing like a dessert storm.

Purchasing a second home is not a necessity, but finding internal peace and external solitude is. We can tend to our lives and become better people as a result. 49 Little Shore Drive on the shores of Pea Porridge Pond may just be the space for you.

Call Ryan the Realtor to schedule a visit today — (207) 462-3874.

View more waterfront property here.



Mountain Men Use Dr. Bronner’s

Saturday, July 31st, 2010 By rmahan

– A Mahan Minute

I deceived myself in the shower this morning (purely metaphysical, trust me) but my mind refuted the fact that I was preparing to spend the better part of a day inside an office building.

Instead, I was cleansing tired feet and calf muscles in a remote mountain pond after an arduous climb fraught with liberty and danger. Cowboy coffee waited at the ready to take the chill off my morning dip and I sat and stoked the ringed ashes from the night before simply listening, simply breathing.

You know what, I felt the accomplishments of my daydream exceeded the few text messages and phone calls I made this morning. I felt rather industrious on the drive in to work.  I felt close to nature.

I attribute this day-dream to the soap I use in the shower or in the woods that is none other than Dr. Bronner’s.

Ignore the “hemp” ingredients as an attempt to fly the hippy flag but rather focus on the citrus and fragrant combination that puts you in a grove of Spruce trees and takes your mind to the woods. Thanks Doc Bronner, good medicine.

Get out, be vital, the rivers and mountains wait….

Ryan the Realtor
E-Mail Ryan with your mountain dreams

Bring Your Worms and a Loaf of Bread to Conway

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010 By rmahan

The Shiners that inhabited the murky water at the end of the dock kept my kids busy. Their fluorescent bobbers jerked in starts, the empty hooks baffled the kids, and I hurried to re-bait the hooks as quickly as possible.

Soon an old-timer stopped to watch the simple joys of kids fishing. He reminisced about his early fishing days in the 1950’s; we recounted our own fishing conquests (in generic terms), and shared a moment of silence when the time was right to just watch youthful enthusiasm.

Several wood ducks swam in vicinity and Maya soon lost interest in fishing. Supplied with an old loaf of bread, she fed the ducks and spoke kindly to them in earnest.

Water parks and arcades are okay, but then again, so is a can of worms, a fishing pole, and a loaf of bread.

— happy fishing from Ryan the Realtor


Conway Lake Homes

Cool off in the White Mountains of NH at one of these waterfront properties.

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 By Joy Tarbell

It just hit 96 degrees here in North Conway NH. We are officially in a heat-wave and it’s only May. It is taking all of my self-control not to sneak out of the office for half an hour and go jump in the Saco River. So I thought while swimming was fresh on my mind I would share with you a couple of very “cool” waterfront homes; perfect for resetting your thermostat on these warm summer days.

View from lakefront home in Fryeburg MaineCheck out this getaway on Ettowah Cove, tucked away on a long winding private road, and just a few minutes from Fryeburg Maine.

Riverfront home on the Saco River250 feet of owned Saco River frontage and a deep water dock right of the deck are only a few of the highlights of this fantastic river front cape in Conway NH.

Upper Kimball Lake MainePictures really are worth a thousand words. Not only do you get to enjoy this view, but you can go ahead and jump right into Upper Kimball Lake whenever you need to be refreshed. Go ahead and stick your toes in.

Best of both worlds, Conway Village location, monthly payments the same as renting a 1 bedroom apartment, and Saco River community access.

You know you have always dreamed of owning a waterfront property in the Mount Washington Valley. So go ahead and call us at 603-356-7200 or email for more information or to set up a showing appointment. Summer has arrived, what are you waiting for!

October by the Lake Shore

Saturday, November 14th, 2009 By Union Street Media
Mountain Living

Mountain Living

Yellow Beech leaves and red Maples resemble a shade closer to brown in the last of October, yet as I travel back into the North Country by a still lake on my way home, I am compelled to stop.

At the southern outlet of the lake I cross a wooden bridge, lean on the log rail engineered with hand tools and resolve, and I pause. I breathe easy.

The western shore shows deep shadows as the sun descends, a blanket of protection for fish and insects, and the center of the lake holds naked granite peaks in its reflection. Wood ducks sun themselves on nearby rocks and I follow the lazy current under the bridge until the traces are swallowed by the deep.

Then, I spy a gray-haired fisherman casting a fly from the shadows, tree limbs seem to curl over his head in a natural rooftop.

Today is Monday.

I watch in envy as his existence has pushed away appointments, cell phones, and computers, and all that traded for the steady rhythm in his feet that brings blood to his toes and keeps his fly-pole working the water, ten, two, ten, two, float.

I could easily wish to be 55, gray-haired, and fishing.

This is the North Country.

Mountain Water

Mountain Water

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