Happy 4th!

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Happy Fourth of July! The Valley is bustling in all it’s summertime glory. There are several firework shows this weekend, you can check out the locations of a couple here. If you happen to be in Maine, a list of Fourth of July activities can be found here.fireworks

We are now in our busiest season, the agents are buzzing about, the phone is ringing, and we’re looking forward to a record-breaking summer! If you’ve been thinking about buying or selling this year, contact us for a no-pressure discussion on your goals for the remainder of 2014. We can help you determine whether or not the timing is right.

Have a very safe and Happy Fourth of July!

Spring from “For Sale” to “Sold”

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Happy Spring everyone! So-long winter!

Happy Spring everyone! So-long winterYesterday marked the first day of spring with the vernal equinox occurring mid-day; although you’d never know it with the amount of snow that was on the ground when we woke up yesterday! I’m sure all you skiers out there were thrilled for one more day of powder skiing. The rest of us non skiers are just about ready for this snow to melt. Bring on the mud! I’m looking forward to warmer weather, longer days, blooming flowers and green grass!

Spring is known as a great time of year to think about selling your home. As more and more buyers come out in the months of April, May and June than any other time of year looking for that new place to call home. To prepare your home for a sale, there are a few things you can do beyond your typical spring cleaning.

  1. Clean your windows (inside and out). This includes the glass, panes, and sills.
  2. Rake your yard and do some landscaping. A few new flowers, mulch and green grass can make a huge difference. When the outside of your home looks nice, it will make potential buyers want to look at the inside.
  3. Once the weather permits, open up those windows! Letting fresh air in will make your home smell crisp and clean. Also, make sure you keep curtains drawn back and blinds/shades open to let in natural light.
  4. go from “For Sale” to “Sold”If  possible, redecorate your home with décor and furnishings more appropriate for the season. For spring, use light, bright colors and textures. You don’t want your rooms to feel weighted down with darker colors and big blankets that are more comfortable for winter.
  5. Once your home is listed, be sure to have an outdoors mat so that visitors are able to clean their shoes before coming inside. You don’t want mud to be trekked through your home after all that cleaning!
  6. List your home for sale with JtRealty Lakefront to Mountainside!


Hopefully with these tips and some nice weather (come on mother nature!) you will be set to sell and go from “For Sale” to “Sold”.

Worst Time Of The Year May Be The Best For Real Estate Buyers

Monday, November 18th, 2013

1/4 mile up the road, cross country ski trailsWhy is the worst time of the year, often the best time for real estate buyers?

The holiday season and the following “worst weather” months are widely considered the worst time of the year for selling or buying real estate. In reality, these distraction-packed months – November to February – carry benefits for determined buyers. Join the “herd” of buyers who are active during traditional “good weather” home shopping months – starting with the spring frenzy of home buying – and this competition for properties can mean buyers pay more, lose out on good-value listings, and receive less attention from swamped mortgage professionals.

Get outside the traditional “box” of right times to buy and you’ll deal with sellers who are very committed to selling, real estate and mortgage professionals able to give you their full attention, and less competition for good-value listings. This lack of competition should mean you get more for your money with less hassle, more personalized service, and time to make confident decisions. Yes, tradition may dictate that you put your dreams and your life on hold to spend and eat too much over the holiday season, and then cut corners when bills come in during the winter. However, “we’ve always done it that way” tradition does not mean we’ve ever done it the right way. What priority do you give your real estate goals and dreams? Is it time for you to break from the buyer “herd” and make sure you receive the best buying opportunity possible?

The key advantage of shopping for a home during “the worst times” is that sellers who have listed their property during these periods are serious, often very serious, about selling. Motivated sellers understand why they benefit from taking offers to purchase seriously and take the time to explore how they may be able to work with the buyers. As we’ve discussed before, it’s about a lot more than purchase price. For instance, offering to match the seller’s perfect closing date can carry considerable value for the seller just as not asking for a huge shopping list of inclusions means savings for sellers.

There’s a practical side, too. Viewing property at “the worst time” can tell you a lot about what you can really expect from a property:

  • Visit a house during a hard rain and you’ll see how well the eavestrough system does its job. No overflowing gutters, waterfalls at corners, or soaked exterior walls. There should not be exterior water damage or water in the basement (at least from that source). Observe how the rain water flows off the land. Does it collect around the house or move to the street?  Pooling may indicate a potential basement problem. The longer water problems from poor maintenance continue, the greater the cost of repairing the damage. Paint may camouflage the trouble, but the problem will persist.
  • Drive by houses after a fresh snowfall and you’ll discover which are well insulated (snow on roof) and which are losing heat (melted snow).
  • Tour a house on a very windy day and drafts, insufficient insulation, and poorly-sealed windows and doors will be revealed.
  • Spend time in a house on a cold day and study how well the furnace heats the whole house. When a furnace is replaced, the duct work is not always adapted. Is it noticeably colder in the back rooms? How’s the second floor and the bathrooms
  • During the holiday season when parties and cooking are popular pastimes tour condominium units and you’ll see how far noise and smells travel in the building and into the suite or townhome you’re considering.


Are you ready to turn “the worst times for home buying” into the best time for your successful real estate transaction? Contact us at JtRealty  today to get your property listed for sale or to take advantage of the season!


Guest blog written by PJ Wade of Market Street Settlement Group, contact EWidmer@mssg.com for all of your closing and title needs. www.MSSG.com

September 2013 Market Report

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Dear Clients and Friends,

The Carroll County September 2013 Market Report has just been released and can be viewed here: September 2013 Stats

The residential market looks pretty good this month, although still not the improvement we were expecting this year. Sales are up 9% while new listings are only up 3% when compared to this time last year. The average sale went down 6% from $284,555 in 2012 to $268,090 this year to date, as the higher end homes are not selling as well as previous years. Days on market are 10 days shorter.

Great news in the condo department this month! The condo market continues to bounce back, with new listings up 15% but more importantly, sold listings up 37% from this time last year. The average sale price also went up, from $155,194 in 2012 to $176,553 in 2013, a 12% increase. Days on market are just about the same. If this trend keeps up, it will compensate for the declines of last year.

We have a couple of good weeks left in our selling season before things quiet down for the holidays. For an updated price review on your property, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Happy Fall,

Mt Washington Valley and my Favorite Things…

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013


When I grew up here, there was no Burger King or Settlers Green, but there was a Howard Johnsons Restaurant, Yield House and a Drive in Theatre.

We used to bike and walk the “tracks” over the train trestles to get to town.  First Bridge was a quiet swimming hole, and Mt Cranmore still had the skimobile.

Barnaby’s, The Racquet Ball Club and Volvo Tennis were all places to be seen!

Skimobile at Mount Cranmore

Skimobile at Mount Cranmore


The Valley has grown up and our landscape has changed.  In doing so we’ve taken our place as a Vacation Resort Destination.

  • The foliage in Fall is breathtaking and with a spot near a babbling brook or waterfall, a thermos of coffee and some cider donuts- it can’t be outdone!
  • In the Winter the moon reflects off fallen snow.  Boutique shops in town light up with Christmas lights and wreaths that transform North Conway into a real scene out of a snow globe.  There are FIVE ski mountains to choose from (!), an outdoor skating rink in the center of town, endless sledding hills and snowmobile trails.
  • Summer days are warm and evenings bring in cooler temperatures allowing you to open your windows and wake with the sounds of nature.  Rivers and lakes and waterfalls are scattered throughout our Valley, there are mountains to hike, trails to conquer on bikes, and of course outlet shopping.

There are great places to eat, have coffee, hangout and do in our local towns from Bartlett to Tamworth.  Some are off the beaten path, some you’ve maybe wondered about but yet to try.  North Conway and the surrounding towns have grown up, but we haven’t lost sight of how beautiful it is, or what makes it special.  Many of my childhood friends left and returned to become successful business owners and help the Valley to grow.


signHere’s a compilation of some of my Valley Favorites…When looking at this list, if you haven’t been here or done that, then take it from a local- you’re missing out!

Restaurants…..*The Moat, The Burrito Place, 1785 Inn and China Chef in North Conway, Yesterdays and Thompson House in Jackson, Good Tail Lobster, The Cider House and The Sunrise Shack in Glen, Cabin Fever and Trails End Ice Cream in Bartlett, Chequers Villa in Tamworth, Traditions in Madison, The Palmer House in Eaton, and Jake’s Seafood in Ossipee….to name a few.

Hangouts…*Frontside, McGraths Patio, The lounge in Cider House & 1785 Inn, The Vista Store for a quick lunch (best pizza and beer/wine selection!), The Parka, Margarita Grill, Any of the Ski Mountains but especially Cranmore and Attitash.

Easy Hike with the biggest bang for your buck…Black Cap, hands down.

Should Also Mention

  • bearThe trail around Echo Lake is fun to walk or bike with your kids, so is Puddin Pond.
  • Kayaking on the Saco is a lot more fun than tubing.
  • Stay off the road from 530-645 when Storyland clears out.
  • Bretton Woods has the  BEST Zipline tour around for bigger kids (try it in the winter) while families love Monkey Trunks.
  • Cranmore Mountain puts on great winter weekend events for the whole family, and in the summer they host a music series.
  • Moose are easily found following 16 North to Berlin leaving N Conway about 530-545 in the summer.  Bears are everywhere!


  • Stonehurst Lounge has an amazing 4 cheese wood fired oven pizza- and knock your socks off martinis.
  • Whitaker Woods is bigger than you think and a great place to walk or cross country ski.

These are my memories and favorite things but others have photos and their own favorite places to talk about and share.

Whether you are a local, or have been visiting Mt Washington Valley for years, please comment and share some of the reasons we ALL love it here!

Kathy Prittie, Realtor

“going the extra mile is worth the run”



June 2013 Market Report for Carroll County

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Dear Clients & Friends,

With continued improvement in several market areas across the country, it’s most important to stay up to date on our current market, as it can lag behind major metropolitan areas by a year or more. The June 2013 is ready for your review: June 2013 Sales Stats.

For the Single Family Home market, the number of sales is up 2% compared to this time last year, not a meaningful increase. However, new listings are up 4%, which means there’s a little more inventory out there than in past months. The median sale price is about the same, but the average sale is way down, from $305,531 last year to $233,707 this year. I believe that this means some of the lower priced homes have been selling as there hasn’t been that big an erosion in values. The average days on market is shorter this month, from 161 this time last year to 150 this year, almost two weeks quicker. This indicates a leveling off of house prices after some nice increases last year.

Condo inventory is increasing — there was a 21% jump over last year at this time. Fortunately, the number of sold listings is showing a bigger improvement with a 46% increase in number of sales, which we really need to get the inventory back down. The average sale price is up by 22% to $180,022 this year over last. But while condos are selling for more money, it is mainly because the cheap ones are gone, rather than any appreciation in current inventory. It is also taking a little longer: 160 days on market compared to 148 at this time last year.

Our peak selling season is just taking off, so if you’d like an updated Market Analysis on your property, just ask.

Your Realtor,



Year End JtReport – Looking good for the future

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Carrol County NH Real Estate Sales Report 2012

The 2013 real estate sales market is predicted to slightly improve compared to 2012, so it is more important than ever for buyers to stay abreast of local market conditions. Here is a quick review of the statistics for Carroll County NH*.




# New Listings



# Sold Listings



Total Sales   Volume



Avg. Sale Price



Avg. Days on   Market



As you can see, the real estate market in our area is definitely improving, with less inventory, greater sales volume and average sale price, and fewer days on market. So how did JtRealty Lakefront to Mountainside do?

  • Our list to sell price ratio is 2% higher than the rest of Carroll County, with an average of 95% compared to 93%. That means we get you an average of 2% more money!
  • Our average Days on Market are 139, shorter than the rest of the Carroll County agencies with an average of 158, meaning we will sell your property an average of 19 days faster.
  • In 2012 JtRealty sold one out of 3 sales over $1,000,000.
  • JtRealty continues a strong hold on the Luxury Home market, participating in almost half of all sales over $570,000.

Rest assured that if you are working with a JtRealty Lakefront to Mountainside sales associate, you are working with the best.  Our agents are trained to give you the best advice, and make sure that we are doing everything possible to assure that you sell for the most favorable price and terms. Joy is a Lifetime Member of the Realtors Honor Society, and holds the CLHMS (Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist) designation which was awarded for her significant experience in the luxury home market, high-volume real estate sales, and rigorous educational requirements.

Our clients are most important to us, and we want to live up to your expectations. To further improve our services to you, we have committed to implementing a paperless office system by March 2013, by contracting with dotloop for their upgraded Dashboard program. Yes – you will be able to sign contracts on your iPad!NH Real Estate Sales are Looking Up!

We’d love to hear from you. If you would like to discuss the market or real estate sales in general, please email Joy@JtRealty.com.

Growing up a non-skier in ski-country: My Life OFF the Slopes

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Winter Activities in North Conway

Whenever I tell people where I’m from, they usually say two things. First, they ask if I have electricity, and second, they say “oh you must love to ski!” Well, no, I don’t. In fact, I’ve never done it. I tried once in my friend’s backyard and it ended in about 30 seconds with my limbs in all sorts of directions in which limbs should never go. That was it for me. I did dabble in snowboarding for a few seasons, but that ended with a nasty fall and a concussion. Not for me, but for the friend I was with that took a nice hit to the head from my board. So my life on the slopes came to an end. When I tell people all of this, they look at me like I’m crazy for living here even though I don’t ski. While this scenario can be a little annoying, I’m still proud to say that I’m from the Mount Washington Valley, even though I do the unthinkable: spend winters here without skiing. There is plenty to do here all winter that doesn’t involve a chair lift. Here are some of my favorite snowy weather winter activities in North Conway or the surrounding area.

Walking around in North Conway Village

Just because I don’t ski doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the beautiful snow and boost in our local economy that skiers bring. Spending a couple of hours walking around North Conway Village enjoying the twinkling holiday lights, popping in and out of our quaint little shops, watching ice skaters zip around the rink in Schouler Park, it’s all very magical.

Shopping in North Conway

The outlets aren’t just for summer people! The sales and savings continue year round, sometimes even more so in the winter. After the holidays, the parking is plentiful and I love to go during a sunny winter day when I know most everyone else will be at one of the mountains. More deals for me!IMG_1242 (640x426)

Sledding: The Original Way Down a Hill

I can still zoom down a snowy mountain or hill if I want to, no coordination necessary! I love sledding. There’s something about it that will always make me feel like a little kid. And after a couple hours in the cold, there’s nothing better than a big mug of hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows to warm you up.

Ski Mountain Events:

You don’t have to ski to enjoy some of the events that our mountains have to offer. Cranapalooza, The Great Penguin Race, comedy nights, movie nights, and of course, après ski! Tip: just pinch your cheeks to give them some color and walk with a limp, everyone will think you’ve been on the mountain all day.

So for me, I get the best of both worlds. I get to enjoy this ski-town and all it has to offer without endangering the lives of myself and those around me on the slopes with my complete lack of coordination. I wouldn’t trade the winters here for the world. Skiing still your style? We have plenty of agents on staff who are seasoned skiers and would love to help you find the perfect vacation condo right on the trail of your favorite MWV mountain. Or you can call me and I’ll tell you where you can sit with your feet up drinking the best cup of hot chocolate or Irish coffee around. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a Nor’Easter outside my window to watch.

Do you have a favorite winter activity other than skiing or snowboarding? I’d love to hear it. Leave it in the comments below and plan my weekend for me!


5 Things To Avoid Before Buying Real Estate

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Planning to buy property soon? There are some specific things that you should avoid doing as they may hinder your financing options. The following are 5 things to avoid before buying real estate:

Large Purchases

Lenders always evaluate the percentage of your debt to your overall income. Increasing balances either on your credit cards or with new loans can significantly shift that ratio. In most cases, the higher your debt, the less you can qualify for on a mortgage. This is even more important after you have found a property and have begun the loan process. Mortgage companies will re-run your credit report immediately prior to closing to verify that things have not changed. So if you incurred new debts, this can lead to issues with the final approval.

Changing Employment

As part of the loan process, lenders look at your previous and current earnings to determine your ability to pay back the loan. A consistent history in earnings is quite essential. Shifting employment soon before or during the loan process can create difficulties with qualifying for a loan, especially if the new job is in a separate field or provides lower income. During the loan process, it may also create delays while the new job is confirmed.

Moving Banks

Loan processors typically review your bank statements over the last few months. Moving your money to a different bank may lead to issues. It is recommended that you leave your funds in the same account until after the closing.

Large Cash Transactions

Most types of mortgages mandate that you use a specific percentage of your own money for the down payment or settlement fees. Mortgage companies confirm this by reviewing bank statements. Any cash transactions are carefully scrutinized. You may be asked to provide details on the source of those deposits.

Shutting Down Accounts

While preparing to purchase a home, you may try to diligently pay off credit cards. Before starting this, think about consulting with a mortgage professional on whether it is necessary based on your financial situation. If you do pay off debts, do not terminate the accounts as this will affect your credit score. It is better to keep the accounts open without a balance.

These are just some of the most common mistakes. As a local real estate experts, we can refer you to local lenders in the Mount Washington Valley that have even more information for you! You may contact us at any time for assistance wherever you are in the process, just thinking about buying, or long after the sale for our opinions on paint colors and throw rugs.

A Comparison of Appraised Versus Assessed Prices

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Appraised and assessed prices are commonly mistaken for one another. As a home buyer and home seller, it is useful to remember the difference between the two. A comparison of North Conway appraised versus assessed prices can be found below.

What Are Assessed Prices?

Municipalities levy a tax on residential homes. The calculation is determined by a percentage multiplied by an assessed value of a home. Assessments are used strictly for determining taxes and do not actually reflect the real estate market value. Every municipality calculates assessed value based on different features. They typically include the amount of land, interior features, and exterior features such as decks. Municipalities can re-assess property values and/or elevate the property tax calculation annually.

What Are Appraised Prices?

An appraisal is a calculation of the current market price of a home by a authorized professional employing approved techniques. Lenders obtain the services of appraisers to confirm that a loan is not being issued for higher than the current market price of a property. It is a method of protecting their investment given that they bear most of the risk until you pay down the mortgage. Appraisers always evaluate at least three comparable houses that previously sold in the same or similar vicinity. Since the real estate market can change very quickly, reviewing recent sales is vital for an accurate appraisal.

A Comparison of Appraised Versus Assessed Prices

The market value of a home is ascertained by what a buyer is willing to pay, which can go up and down at any time based on related factors such as financing options. Buyers should use caution when relating assessed figures with the price of a home since they do not fluctuate the same. Some locations infrequently change assessed values and regularly increase tax rates instead of valuations. Only an appraisal can generate a true reflection of market value. For additional information on this and other real estate topics, contact us.

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