A Castle in Barlett, New Hampshire?

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Shining Light on Hidden Marvels — Welcome to Castle Living 

I suppose 13-years-ago I pedaled my bike past this property in pure ignorance. And 6 years ago I suppose I raked leaves of neighboring homes with a landscaper friend of mine, again, in pure ignorance.

So ignorance of what you might ask?

Ignorance of a castle that sits a few minutes walk from my office and that a client of mine would one day contact me for a showing. While buying and selling real estate can be a linear, objective process, my time in real estate also proves the necessity of “house love,” or in this case, “castle love,” and the real need for potential owners to see themselves enjoying the property after purchase.

 castleEnjoying the property would not be  difficult in the case of 361 Hurricane Mountain Road: a home movie theater in the basement, a formal dining room that makes you feel like Swedish Royalty, a guest house to suit the Rockefeller’s, and the only way I could avoid getting lost in the castle was to use compass directions, “Okay, I’m in the West part of the castle, okay, now I”m in the South.”

Also, there is Knight dressed in full armor to keep guard over the bedroom quarters — you now understand the price of $1,785,000. My client and I shared many jaw-dropping moments examining the fine details of this luxury property.

And at one moment I paused and ran my hand along the edge of trim in a doorway. Each trim board had been cut with a ban-saw to fit snugly among the rocks in the castle wall. The time involved for this project is HUGE as the number of doors and entrances are too many to count.

interior castle

If your goals include luxury homes in Mt. Washington Valley, one-of-a-kind historic homes, request a report below.

I am off to Narnia through 361 Hurricane Mountain Road :)

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Post & Beam Home with Organic GardenFor Sale in Eaton, NH

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

$199,900 Post & Beam Home with Organic Garden — A Home with Charm & Utility — New Listing

If a house could tell secrets on the current owners, 2012 Eaton Road would say the following: Tim is a professional cook who designed his kitchen for guests and function, or maybe also that Tim sometimes sneaks out of the house early to fish on Crystal Lake in neighboring Eaton, or maybe that Christine grows a strong organic garden and has for years. Also, this house raised two children who shared happy memories on Eaton Road before leaving for college.

This quiet country home has a wood stove, burns two tanks of oil annually, has a covered porch that faces the back yard and wraps around the house for grilling and enjoying the sun, and a walk-out basement for North Country toys and tools.

Ryan the Realtor ListingHere’s another secret: Tim & Christine are proud home owners who applied touch up paint to trim, stained decks, and finished odds and ends to make the transition for the next home owners easy. They have loved their home and they want the next folks to love their home as much as they do.

In short, they are a Realtor’s dream as they actually act upon suggestions and observations. Included are some additional photographs of this special property :)

Minutes to King Pine, Cranmore Skiing, and a short walk to historic Eaton Village Store.


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DINING.2 LIVING.1 RAISED.BEDS BED.2.1 Ryan Mahan's New Listing





A day in the life…

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

One of the best parts about being a Realtor is that your job changes every day. One day you’re at a desk all day doing paperwork and answering emails and the next day you’re driving around showing property all over the place. Some days you do both in one day! You never know what the next day might look like and even if you think you know you could get a new listing or an email postponing a closing, and everything could change at a moment’s notice. If this sounds stressful, well, it should. Sometimes it is! But sometimes…sometimes you get to get to hike up to a listing to take photos and take a few quiet moments to enjoy views like this:

Panoramic view from the top of Billy Goat Road

Every step you climb up seems to melt more and more stress away, and finally reaching the top and taking that first look around has a magical way of erasing any negativity and really making you appreciate what you do and where you live. I have lived here most of my life and a clear view of Mount Washington with snow on top still takes my breath away. Every. Single. IMG_4136Time. I secretly (well, not so secretly now) refer to her as “Mother Mountain” in my head, and have this vision that she watches over the Valley, sort of our north star, if you will. Cheesy as it might be, I bet that you’ll find that almost everyone that calls this place home feels the same loyalty and favoritism towards the majestic mountain. And we all dream about owning a home where we can sip our morning coffee, or twilight glass of wine, while taking in the mountain’s beauty.

But back to the listing! You can learn more about it here, and see how that view could be yours every day. But for now, I’ll enjoy it while I can.

If you are interested in an ever-changing, exciting career, check out our Careers page to learn more.

Spring from “For Sale” to “Sold”

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Happy Spring everyone! So-long winter!

Happy Spring everyone! So-long winterYesterday marked the first day of spring with the vernal equinox occurring mid-day; although you’d never know it with the amount of snow that was on the ground when we woke up yesterday! I’m sure all you skiers out there were thrilled for one more day of powder skiing. The rest of us non skiers are just about ready for this snow to melt. Bring on the mud! I’m looking forward to warmer weather, longer days, blooming flowers and green grass!

Spring is known as a great time of year to think about selling your home. As more and more buyers come out in the months of April, May and June than any other time of year looking for that new place to call home. To prepare your home for a sale, there are a few things you can do beyond your typical spring cleaning.

  1. Clean your windows (inside and out). This includes the glass, panes, and sills.
  2. Rake your yard and do some landscaping. A few new flowers, mulch and green grass can make a huge difference. When the outside of your home looks nice, it will make potential buyers want to look at the inside.
  3. Once the weather permits, open up those windows! Letting fresh air in will make your home smell crisp and clean. Also, make sure you keep curtains drawn back and blinds/shades open to let in natural light.
  4. go from “For Sale” to “Sold”If  possible, redecorate your home with décor and furnishings more appropriate for the season. For spring, use light, bright colors and textures. You don’t want your rooms to feel weighted down with darker colors and big blankets that are more comfortable for winter.
  5. Once your home is listed, be sure to have an outdoors mat so that visitors are able to clean their shoes before coming inside. You don’t want mud to be trekked through your home after all that cleaning!
  6. List your home for sale with JtRealty Lakefront to Mountainside!


Hopefully with these tips and some nice weather (come on mother nature!) you will be set to sell and go from “For Sale” to “Sold”.

Sellers and Buyers and Inspections …Oh My!

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

A Home Inspection is an important part of buying a property.  You’re a Home Buyer after all, not a professional inspector who has been trained and tested to inspect for safety, systems and latent/underlying defects.  The Home Inspection is an expected contingency on a contract to purchase a property.

When a Buyer makes an offer on a home it should be based in part, on the visible condition of the home.  When I walk through a home with a Buyer, we take note of wear and tear, maintenance that has been done or neglected, water stains, dated/renovated rooms and appliances, slope of the lot, odors, condition of windows, exterior, decks etc.  We make our offer in part, based on this visible condition as we know and can see it.

This same scrutiny is done when working with a home owner in determining the market value of his home.  Sellers complete a property disclosure describing the age and systems of the house and disclose any renovations and repairs as well as known defects or malfunctions.  All this and more are considered and weighed against the price recommended to list the home to get it sold.  If the property is in need of repairs, it is priced lower to compensate for them.  Often a property will be priced aggressively at a significantly lower price than comparables because of the renovations and/or repairs the Seller recognizes the home needs. inspector

The Selling and Buying of a home should be a very thorough process on both sides.  In 2013 homes in Carroll County sold at an average of 95% of list price.  That’s a good indicator that home values are mostly in-line with their list prices.  There is some misconception however that a Home Inspection is used primarily as a renegotiating tool and that can undermine the purchase and sale.


Keeping in mind what a home inspection is designed for… to inspect for safety, systems and latent/underlying defects … a Buyer should not expect to renegotiate after inspection on issues that he was aware of when he made the original offer. Worn/stained carpet, or dated kitchens and bathrooms, are items that are apparent before the offer is made- and not to be negotiated after the inspection.  It’s also true, that unless a Buyer is purchasing a new home, the Buyer is NOT purchasing a new home.  In this case a Buyer looking at an older home should not be surprised if the inspection comes back noting the wiring is old. And in many cases, this has already been spelled out in the seller property disclosure.

However, an example of a latent/unknown defect in an inspection that merits renegotiation of an original offer may be the discovery of a failing furnace that has reached the end of its life or should be replaced due to gas leakage.   A Buyer would likely be unaware of this when he made his offer and renegotiate the price based on the replacement of the furnace.

The Home Inspection is aimed to help reveal hidden defects, safety hazards, and major structural problems.  It’s an important part of the purchase and sale process.  It’s a tool to aid the Buyer in knowing what he is inheriting so problems that are significant or too expensive to fix can be negotiated in the purchase and sale agreement.  It is a misconception that minor maintenance items should not be expected in the resale of a home or, that visual defects noted, should not be considered in a Buyers original offer to purchase.

Remember to keep small things small, but pay attention to the serious issues.

Kathy Prittie

“going the extra mile is worth the run”

Just Released – November 2013 Market Report

Friday, December 20th, 2013

The Carroll County November 2013 Market Report has just been released and can be reviewed here: November 2013 Market Stats

The residential market saw a little light at the end of the 2013 tunnel. The numbers of closed sales are up 6%, while new listings are only up 1%, which means we are using up some of the inventory. However, the average sale price went down 9% compared to this time last year, from $301,480 to $276,054, as the higher end homes are not selling as well as previous years. Days on market are the same.snowflake

Good news in the condo department this month…sales continue to bounce back. Although new listings are up 14%, the sold listings are up 32% from this time last year. What a great comeback year for condo sales! The average sale price also went up, from $152,488 in 2012 to $178,872 in 2013, as high end condos like Mountainside on Attitash are selling again. Days on market are about a week quicker this year.

We continue to be busy with ski season buyers and expect to finish the year strong. We have high hopes for the residential and condo markets in 2014!

For a price review on your property, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Happy Holidays,



Based on information from the Northern New England Real Estate Network 1/1/13-11/30/13 for Carroll County.

Worst Time Of The Year May Be The Best For Real Estate Buyers

Monday, November 18th, 2013

1/4 mile up the road, cross country ski trailsWhy is the worst time of the year, often the best time for real estate buyers?

The holiday season and the following “worst weather” months are widely considered the worst time of the year for selling or buying real estate. In reality, these distraction-packed months – November to February – carry benefits for determined buyers. Join the “herd” of buyers who are active during traditional “good weather” home shopping months – starting with the spring frenzy of home buying – and this competition for properties can mean buyers pay more, lose out on good-value listings, and receive less attention from swamped mortgage professionals.

Get outside the traditional “box” of right times to buy and you’ll deal with sellers who are very committed to selling, real estate and mortgage professionals able to give you their full attention, and less competition for good-value listings. This lack of competition should mean you get more for your money with less hassle, more personalized service, and time to make confident decisions. Yes, tradition may dictate that you put your dreams and your life on hold to spend and eat too much over the holiday season, and then cut corners when bills come in during the winter. However, “we’ve always done it that way” tradition does not mean we’ve ever done it the right way. What priority do you give your real estate goals and dreams? Is it time for you to break from the buyer “herd” and make sure you receive the best buying opportunity possible?

The key advantage of shopping for a home during “the worst times” is that sellers who have listed their property during these periods are serious, often very serious, about selling. Motivated sellers understand why they benefit from taking offers to purchase seriously and take the time to explore how they may be able to work with the buyers. As we’ve discussed before, it’s about a lot more than purchase price. For instance, offering to match the seller’s perfect closing date can carry considerable value for the seller just as not asking for a huge shopping list of inclusions means savings for sellers.

There’s a practical side, too. Viewing property at “the worst time” can tell you a lot about what you can really expect from a property:

  • Visit a house during a hard rain and you’ll see how well the eavestrough system does its job. No overflowing gutters, waterfalls at corners, or soaked exterior walls. There should not be exterior water damage or water in the basement (at least from that source). Observe how the rain water flows off the land. Does it collect around the house or move to the street?  Pooling may indicate a potential basement problem. The longer water problems from poor maintenance continue, the greater the cost of repairing the damage. Paint may camouflage the trouble, but the problem will persist.
  • Drive by houses after a fresh snowfall and you’ll discover which are well insulated (snow on roof) and which are losing heat (melted snow).
  • Tour a house on a very windy day and drafts, insufficient insulation, and poorly-sealed windows and doors will be revealed.
  • Spend time in a house on a cold day and study how well the furnace heats the whole house. When a furnace is replaced, the duct work is not always adapted. Is it noticeably colder in the back rooms? How’s the second floor and the bathrooms
  • During the holiday season when parties and cooking are popular pastimes tour condominium units and you’ll see how far noise and smells travel in the building and into the suite or townhome you’re considering.


Are you ready to turn “the worst times for home buying” into the best time for your successful real estate transaction? Contact us at JtRealty  today to get your property listed for sale or to take advantage of the season!


Guest blog written by PJ Wade of Market Street Settlement Group, contact EWidmer@mssg.com for all of your closing and title needs. www.MSSG.com

September 2013 Market Report

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Dear Clients and Friends,

The Carroll County September 2013 Market Report has just been released and can be viewed here: September 2013 Stats

The residential market looks pretty good this month, although still not the improvement we were expecting this year. Sales are up 9% while new listings are only up 3% when compared to this time last year. The average sale went down 6% from $284,555 in 2012 to $268,090 this year to date, as the higher end homes are not selling as well as previous years. Days on market are 10 days shorter.

Great news in the condo department this month! The condo market continues to bounce back, with new listings up 15% but more importantly, sold listings up 37% from this time last year. The average sale price also went up, from $155,194 in 2012 to $176,553 in 2013, a 12% increase. Days on market are just about the same. If this trend keeps up, it will compensate for the declines of last year.

We have a couple of good weeks left in our selling season before things quiet down for the holidays. For an updated price review on your property, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Happy Fall,

Carroll County Market Report: July 2013

Monday, August 26th, 2013

The July 2013 NH Real Estate Sales Report for Carroll County has just been released and can be viewed here: July 2013 Sales Stats.

For the Single Family Home market, the number of sales is up almost 5% compared to this time last year. However, inventory of new listings is up 3%, which means that new and sold listings just about balanced each other out last month. The median sale price is a little higher, but the average sale is slightly lower at $181,135. The average days on market is longer this year, from 129 to 150. So all in all, the residential market seems to be the same as it was last year, with no major increases or decreases.

Condo inventory is decreasing with 15% fewer units for sale than last year at this time. Fortunately, the number of sold listings is showing a bigger improvement with a 21% increase in number of sales, which we really need to get the inventory back down. The average sale price at $144,607 is unchanged from a year ago. So condos are selling better than last year, but not for any more money. Keep in mind that any improvement is a welcome change compared to the dismal year condo sales had in 2012. The bright light is the days on market as the average DOM this year is 170 compared to 275 last year. Remember though, these numbers can be skewed pretty easily. My guess is that a condo sold in July 2012 that had been on the market for a very long time, making the average days on market jump way up.

We’re in the middle of our busy selling season, so if you’d like an updated Market Analysis on your property, just ask.

Your Realtor,


56 Shady Lane in Conway: New Listing $139,900

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Property Transformation Creates a Little Pride – 

A benefit of selling real estate I never anticipated is driving slow country miles through neighborhoods in Mt. Washington Valley. During these drives and as the seasons change I witness properties that undergo improvements that bring a little light to the world: creative landscaping, perhaps decks and patios are installed, or trees are removed and others  planted. That is precisely what happened in the quiet neighborhood of 56 Shady Lane near Conway Lake and while my hands certainly didn’t take part in the labor, a touch of pride follows and motivates me to awaken my dusty tools and turn to my own property and finish those uncompleted and nagging projects.

Duncan & Diane since taking ownership of 56 Shady Lane have enjoyed their property and made tasteful and intelligent enhancements. View this video below to see for yourself –

Please Send Additional Information Ryan – 



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